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What if I told you...

por DRM, em 07.07.14


What if I told you that Aspiration is the starting of all achievement?

What If I told you that what makes a good Story is a splendor plot?

Then, I dare you to make your life the splendor plot.

 Am I asking you to be the writer?  No! … I am not!


 I am asking you not to be afraid of taking the protagonist role…

Be a dreamer… a Lover… a discover… a Conqueror…

But never…  A quitter


Dare impossible things!

As impossible is just a matter of perception;

Have passion…

To Stress out the limits of possible;

To break down the impossible;



Far better is to fail than not try;

Because there may not be an easy path for success

But not try is certainly a path for failure.


                                                                           By: Janilson Semedo and Samira Teixeira


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