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The World that we live is Complex and paradoxical. The human kind sees today terrifying by the fear of a nuclear war. Yes, the human kind sees himself as a victim of the nuclear power created by them.

To start this part we have to go back on time, precisely to the time of Second World War. Japan was the first country to feel the devastation that a nuclear bomb can make. Two bombs were left by The United States on Japan Soil, specifically in Hiroshima a Nagasaki. That is the “Day one” of a nuclear war which was about to start soon or later. Many can be of the opinion that Americans did what they have to do, but what they did was nothing more of an inhuman and cruel act.

The ignorance of humanity is well-built that they cannot see their intelligence is made of it. In other words, intelligence is just part of their ignorance. They think they are intelligent; however their act only shows ignorance. It is not complex to assure that bombard a place to maintain peace is unacceptable. And doing that it is the intelligence act made of an ignorant thinking. Men created gunpowder, guns, bombs, weapons, nuclear bombs and   lots of lots of things, which attest the ignorance of the human intelligence.

Whilst some people say they want peace, some make war. We have countries that foster totally war in other countries. Countries that make a lot of weapons to sell others (to rebels and government). The thing I want to make is that, the major producers of weapons in the world it is also the major causes of war in the world.

Countries that act like God, creating nuclear weapons and try to forbid other countries to have the same. Creating a nuclear weapon is giving a reason to another country to have it also. They say nuclear weapon is for protection.  I ask protection? No!  The nuclear bomb is for destruction only. And having that type of weapon and forbidden others country to have it, It is the act of an Imperator who wants to take control of the world. The ONU has been just a mirror reflection of some countries that control it for its own purposes. No country should be allowed to have nuclear weapons. But the world is divided by those who can and those who cannot. Those who can do all sorts of things, even create nuclear weapons to intimidate those who cannot.

Since the beginning, the human kind sought to overcome their limits, and today they had the opportunity to overtake the boundaries of their restrictions. What we cannot identify if it was good or bad to overtake it.

 By: John Alan



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